Nicolls Lab In the division of Pulmonary & Critical Care

Lab Members

Mark Nicolls, MD
Position: Chief, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine; Professor of Medicine
Education: M.D., Stanford University
Residency: Stanford University Hospital
Fellowship: University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
email » [mnicolls]


Joe Hsu, MD, MPH
Joe Hsu

Position: Instructor of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine
Education: M.D., Tufts University School of Medicine; M.P.H.,  Boston University School of Public Health Residency: Stanford University Internal Medicine Residency and Pulmonary and Critical Care Fellowship
Research Interest: Risk factors for Aspergillus fumigatus infection in lung transplant recipients
Specialties: Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
email » [joehsu]


Shirley Jiang

Position: Undergraduate Research Assistant
Education: B.S. (Biology) Stanford University 2015
Research Interest: Vascular repair following rejection and airway remodeling
email » [yunqij]

Xinguo Jiang

Xinguo Jiang

Position: Transplantation Project Leader
Education: Ph.D., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; M.D., Zhejiang University, China
Research Interest: Microvasculature in airway fibrosis
email » [xinguoj]


Yu-chun Lin

Yu-chun Lin, PhD

Position: Research Associate
Education:  Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor ; B.S., Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University
Research Interest: Extracellular matrix effects on cellular behavior, Orthotopic tracheal transplantation, and Biofluid mechanics
email » [ylinz]



Jin Qian, MD, Ph.D.

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow
Education:  Ph.D., Vascular Biology Center, Georgia Health Sciences University; M.D., Nanjing Medical University
email » [jinq]


Joshua Santé

Joshua Santé, PhD

Lab Manager

Position: Lab Manager and Research Associate
Education: Ph.D., Stanford University;  B.A., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UC Berkeley
Research Interest: Immune cell dynamics and lineage
email » [jsante]

Yon Sung

Yon Sung, MD

Position: Postdoctoral Fellow and Clinical Instructor in Medicine
Education: M.D., University of Pittsburgh; B.S., Chemical Engineering, Princeton University
Residency: Brown Medical School / Rhode Island Hospital
Fellowship: Pulmonary and Critical Care, Stanford University
Research Interests and Specialties: The role of the immune system in pulmonary arterial hypertension           
email » [yonsung]

Rasa Tamosiuniene

Rasa Tamosiuniene, MD, PhD

Position: Research Associate
Education: M.D., Ph.D.,  Kaunas University of Medicine
Research Interests and Specialties: Regulatory T cells and pulmonary hypertension
email » [Rasa.Tamosiuniene]

Amy Tian

Amy Tian, PhD

Position: PAH Project Leader
Education: Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago; Fudan University, Shanghai, Economics and Chemistry
Research Interest: The role of eicosanoid signaling in the development of inflammatory pulmonary hypertension
email » [amytian]

Allen Tu

Allen Tu, BS

Position: Research Assistant
Education: B.S., University of California at Davis
Research Interest: Vascular repair following rejection and airway remodeling
email » [abtu]





Ashok Babu, MD

Current: Assistant Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of Colorado



Mithya Jayakumar

Current: University of California at Davis Undergraduate



Mohammad Afzal Khan

Mohammad Afzal Khan, PhD

Current: Senior Scientist, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia




Hai Li, PhD

Current: Research Scientist, VA Palo Alto




Tomohiro Murakawa, MD

Current: Assistant Professor of Thoracic Surgery, University of Tokyo




Tom Nguyen, PhD

Current: Car Dealership Owner, Twentynine Palms, CA


Mohammed Omer

Mohammed Omer

Current: Duke University Medical School Program





Danielle Sandhu

Current: Boston University Undergraduate / Medical School Program



Carol Tran

Current: Harvard University Undergraduate



Jing Xu

Current: California Institute of Technology Undergraduate

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